10 People Who Should But Voting Trump But Aren’t

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After real estate tycoon, businessman, tie, steak, dust-collector salesman, and pumpkin-skinned gasbag Donald Trump announced his campaign many talking heads wrote him off. They were wrong, as Trump went on to destroy the 16-candidate field to capture the Republican nomination for the presidency. Now Trump squares off against a humanoid with a perma-frown Hillary Clinton for the presidency of our great land. We’ve covered some

We’ve covered some Hillary’s scandals, but Trump continues to dominate the airwaves in the same way the dead rat he calls hair dominates his head. What should be worrisome to the Republicans is that with the election nearing Trump still hasn’t won everyone in his party over, including these 10 people who should be out there on the stump pushing to get him elected. Not all of them have said they’ll vote Humanoid Clinton in November, but if you read between the lines, they’re not going to vote for Gary Johnson since, obviously, he has no ideas where Aleppo is.* Anyway, some of the people dissing Trump aren’t who you’d expect, starting with …

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*Neither did we.