10 Things You Never Knew About Beards

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Even before beards and facial hair became a thing with hipsters and layabouts, they were a thing Naturally, things haven’t changed much, since beards are pretty much a trendy topic these days as well. Fashion trends, various male public figures and, of course, recent studies have shown that beards are back in a big way. More than anything else, it’s been noted time and again that men are perceived to have greater masculinity if they have facial hair. Also, both male and female participants in recent studies have stated that a stubble is the most attractive look for a man. Men with full beards appear to be healthier than those without facial hair. Both men and women said that men with full beards were often better parents, so go figure… beards are in.
Those are mostly things you probably already knew, but now it’s time to check out a few facts about beards that you’ve probably never heard of.

Men With Beards Are Less Cheerful

As weird as it sounds, statistically, bearded men are seen as 38% less generous, 36% less caring and 51% less cheerful, when compared to those who are shaved clean.