10 Winter Hats That Won’t Make You Look Dopey

Whether you’re looking to stay warm or jazz up your parka, we’ve got a selection of winter hats that’ll meet your needs. (Also, one will totally look dopey.)

By Katrina Foss

best hats for men 2014 stormy kromer deerskin brim capStormy Kromer Cap with Deerskin Brim ($50 @ Amazon.com)

You may have a wall lined with ball caps — do you really? — but not a patterned wool/nylon blend cap with a deerskin brim, right? Right. But if you want to keep your noggin warm while A) making you look like you spend more time in the woods than you actually do; and B) scaring the holy hell out of Bambi’s relatives you’ll reconsider.


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2014 best winter hats for menShooting Check Stretch-Tweed Flat Cap ($110)
Not everyone will be able to pull this cap off — our apologies, lightbulb-shape headed dudes reading. For the rest of you, this is the perfect hat to class up your act. Musto Shooting’s stretch tweed, 95 percent wool cap provides warmth and water-resistance in inclement weather. The wool newsboy/flat cap is a go-anywhere style; although, the lack of ear and neck protection make it an impractical choice for long stints in the cold. In that case, you’ll need to wear a scarf.

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