101 Penis-Lengthening Tips, How To Hold A Fart In, And More Amazing Books From Scott Rogowsky

book comedian scott rogowsky Comedian Scott Rogowsky wore a poker face as he showed how big his balls were by riding a New York City subway and holding up books like If I Did It featuring a big, dumb photo of former president George W. Bush (which of course is a play on that big dumb idiot O.J. Simpson and his big, dumb idiotic book about how he would have killed Nicole Brown Simpson … which, ahem, of course he did not … so he, and a jury, says). Other amazing books Rogowsky flashed included: How I Would Have Done 9/11, 101 Penis-Lengthening Tips You Can Do At Home, At the Office, or On the Go, Trump: The Art of Fucking Your Daughter, Getting Away With Murder for Dummies, and Ass Eating Made Simple. Also: 11 Funny Commercials For Bad Products Unsurprisingly, some people got their undies in a wad over certain titles, including Mein Kampf: For Kids — which featured Hitler with a Groucho Marx-style mustache — and How to Score an Asian Girlfriend on the Train. Others were just okay: Gone Girl 2: Even Goner. And, then Rogowsky would return with titles such as 1,001 Places to See Before You're Executed By ISIS. Anyway, check out the video: