11 Useful Home Remedies Every Guy Should Know

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home remedies sun burn #3. MIGRAINE The Remedy: Peppermint Rubbing peppermint oil (or wet after-dinner mints) into your temples will allow peppermint’s anti-inflammatory properties to soothe your nerves. Give it time – about 15-30 minutes – to kick in. #4. SUNBURN The Remedy: Milk Apply cool (not cold) milk to your scorched skin, and the milk will create a sort of “protein film” that helps ease the discomfort. Also: What you need to know about SPF #5. BACK PAIN The Remedy: Frozen Peppermint Peppermint oil, menthol and ice are all proven pain relievers. Freeze some water with about two drops of peppermint oil – or a peppermint candy in the center, if you’re scrambling – and massage the affected area.