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11 Kids Movies You Won’t Hate

Next time you’re with the kiddos and want to kill some time in front of a TV without wanting to kill yourself, pick one of these guy-friendly films.

By ModernMan Editors

Kids Movies Guys Won't Hate

Every good parent knows that an excellent way to spend two hours every day with your children is to sit down on the couch with them and not speak to or look at each other while a TV rots their brains. Okay, not really — but there’s nothing wrong with watching the occasional movie with the kiddos. Thing is, thanks to the PC police, you can’t subject them to Scarface … at least, not till they’re at least 9 years old. So you need to find movies meant for kids.

But let’s be honest: Kids are goofy simpletons — which is why most movies made for them are terrible. But not all of them are. In fact, we came up with 11 that you’ll downright enjoy next time you need to find a movie to watch with a youngster. (We left Pixar films, the Shreks, and others off the list because they’re meant for adults as much if not more than they’re meant for kids; we also focused (mainly) on lesser-known movies.)

If you think we missed something, let us know in the comments.

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were a kid? You probably did — and your imaginary friend was probably lame. But little Davey Osborne’s imaginary friend is a super spy! Yes, he’s a spy named Jack Flack who wears a beret and who looks suspiciously like Davey’s dad, but still, Davey plays lots of Atari and thwarts some real-life bad guys with Jack’s help. Oh, also? Davey kills several people over the course of the film. Ah, the ’80s, when children in movies could blow away bad guys without parents’ groups throwing conniption fits!

Youthful outcasts? Check. Buried treasure? Check. Skeletal pirates? Check. Mutants? Check. Fat kids being shamed? Check. Soaking-wet high-school girls? Check. Yep, The Goonies pretty much has it all. Josh Brolin, Sean Astin, Joe Pantoliano, and, uh, Corey Feldman lead the relatively star-studded cast, while a consistently funny script keeps the action moving along.