11 Memorable Movie Deaths Explained

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Movie Deaths ModernMan.com Indiana Jones STILL-BEATING HEART MANUALLY EXTRACTED | INDIANA JONES AND THE TEMPLE OF DOOM The Death: Demonic Thuggee priest, Mola Ram, uses Hindu magic — and those bedroom eyes of his — to extract a follower's still-beating heart. Dr. Yaun Says: “We're assuming the guy had no ribs to begin with, the hole was already started in his chest, and the heart was not attached to any veins or arteries. The heart would be throbbing and spitting blood since it has its own electrical beating system, the SA node. The SA node is a safety system for the body so the brain actually does not have to tell the heart to beat all the time. It’s separate from the autonomic nervous system and, thus, doesn’t require any neural input.” We Say: So dudes can just reach into your chest and pull out your heart, but refrigerators protect you from atomic bomb blasts?