57 Cringeworthy Engagement Photos

If you’re planning to get married during your time on this earth, please allow these images to burn into your memory as what not to do with your engagement photos.

By ModernMan Editors

bad engagement photo fairy tale

Although a wedding involves both of you, it’s her day. Yes, that’s a stereotype, but it’s also true. That’s why most of the activities — including the theme of the engagement photos — hinge on her personality and how she wants to approach them.

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It’s not a bad idea to schedule a shoot, snap some pics, and change outfits and locations one or twice. And if you want to do something clever or interesting or out of the ordinary, go for it. We’re just as sick of seeing cheesy engagement photos on our Facebook feed as you are.

Thing is, if you go with a funny engagement photo, don’t let it involve goofy sweaters and shoeless pets, posing in front of a sewer tunnels, or mocking a bowel movement. You know, like these people …


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