20 Awesome Haymakers and Sucker Punches In Movies

These haymakers, sucker punches, and knockout blows made us believe coldcocking someone with a bare first wouldn’t result in a fractured hand.

By Matt Christensen

20 memorable movie punches modernman.com

This isn’t a collection of awesome movie fights. So we’re discounting any epic battles that involve badass ganges and crews. (Sadly, this meant we couldn’t shoehorn anything from Big Trouble in Little China into the article.) Instead, we focussed on haymakers, sucker punches, and knockout blows that pummeled the holy hell out of the poor bastard on the business end of the fist.

Also: Remember these badass gangs and crews from guy movies?

We didn’t bother ranking them from best to worst because that would have caused at least 20 more memorable fistfight with our editors. So the number is random. That should explain why Uncle Buck knocking out a clown is last and Nicholas Cage in a bear suit is near the top. Feel free to add to our list in the comments, or to drop us a line via email: editors@modernman.com.

After a plan to make him look like the hero takes a twist, nebbishy George McFly digs down deep and levels school bully — and Ooh La La magazine enthusiast — Biff Tannen to save his future wife from some front seat groping. McFly’s act of bravery changed history, and led to a future where he hires Biff to wax his car.

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