2013 Holiday Gift Guide

‘Tis the season for giving … your friends and family a list of amazing stuff they should buy you. And we found lots of incredible things you’ll want to add to your wish list.

By ModernMan Editors

2013 Holiday Gift Guide ModernMan.com

It’s all Joy To The World until your 300-year-old aunt stiffs you with a crummy gift card to Starbucks. Proving she doesn’t stay in contact with Santa any more, she would have been better served — and not put herself on your “Fist Full Of Coal List” for 2014 — had she checked out the wish list you tweeted to the North Pole. So if you’re still filling holes on your wish list, let us help. We found dozens of potential gifts you can and totally should ask for.

Even better, we asked a living, breathing woman for advice on what you should get the woman in your life. That’s called stress-free shopping, friends. And it also means that you can devote more time looking for stuff for the person who matters most in your life — Y.O.U. In other words, Happy-Merry Christma-Kwan-ukuh-estivus And Other Stuff! And to all a good night.

2013 Holiday Gift GuideOutdoor Gear
Sleep under the stars in a five-star tent and live to tell about your encounters with lions, tiger, bears, and Rancors with an all-in-one survival pack.

2013 Holiday Gift GuideCars & Electronics
Buy your accessory an accessory, kick back and relax with the latest in rugged, Red Bull can-sized wireless speakers, and hit the road with a “practical sports car” that’s worthy of the title.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For HerGifts for Her
You’ve ruined enough of her birthdays with lackluster gifts. (Crew socks, really?!?) Play the role of the hero this year by taking gift advice from an expert (a woman).

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: GroomingGrooming

Women who sleep with cavemen are obviously into fetishes. While you don’t need to go overboard, you have to groom. These gifts will help you groom wisely.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: EntertainmentEntertainment

Is there a better way to ensure a white Christmas than to celebrate it with the man himself, Santa Walter White? Or by sipping spiked hot cocoa while reading Guillermo Del Toro’s disturbing dream journal? Nope.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Your HomeYour Home
Hang your coat off of your home state, drink straight from a custom whiskey barrel, and then take a load off in the comfy Italian chair that’s been waiting for you.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: ClothingClothing
For crying out loud, get rid of that paper-thin, thread-bearing sweater. These five fashion upgrades will help you stay warmer and look better. Period.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: AccessoriesAccessories

A classy-looking watch that doubles as a bottle opener, a slick tie that sops up spills, and boots that are made for walking (and winter). 

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Eating & DrinkingEating and Drinking
Drink the world’s strongest beer, snack on homemade bacon, and make killer espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes.

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