2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Eating & Drinking

The world’s strongest beer, how to make homemade bacon, and a espresso maker that’ll impress women (and provide a much-need morning caffeine jolt)? Check.

By Justin Krajeski

Snake Venom Beer – The World’s Strongest Beer ($80)
You only live once, so why not put your liver to the test with a 67.5 percent ABV beer? For your math geniuses, that means there’s nearly two-third of alcohol dumped into each bottle. Fermented with two different types of years, Snake Venom will make you feel like you pounded a twlever of any domestic brewered in the USA! USA! USA!

The Original Baconkit ($23)
We’ll say it outright: You don’t have to slaughter the pig. However, after you buy the pork you can easily make some delicious bacon-stuffed dishes. You’ll love it, your spare tire probably won’t.

The Kings Country Distillery Guide to Urban Moonshining: How to Make and Drink Whiskey ($17)
If you love whiskey, why not educate yourself on what you’re funneling into your body? Spoelman and Haskell, the book’s authors, founded Kings County (think Brooklyn) Distillery in 2010 and then went on to craft this masterpiece, a collection of whiskey’s history and culture — from 1640 to present-day — as well as a detailed guide to safe home distilling. DIY has never tasted better …  or gotten you more hammered. Bottoms up.

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