2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Entertainment

Movies, video games, music, and books are the perfect distraction from the bills, jobs, and stresses of reality.

By Eric Alt

Two hundred dollars for a Blu-ray box set isn’t normal — but on meth it is! What many consider the greatest television series in the history of the medium (according to everyone on the internet, and to those who haven’t seen The Wire) gets a stunning send-off with this collection. Not only do you get the entire series packaged in an airtight drum, you get a brand new two-hour documentary, 50+ hours of bonus material, and a Los Pollos Hermanos apron. Now if only you could find something to pep you up for a binge-watch marathon …

It seems like only yesterday your grandfather spent a whole summer selling licorice whips on the corner so he could save up enough for that shiny PlayStation 3 in the window of the Five and Dime. Sony clearly feels bad that you’ve had to struggle with the clunky PS3 for, like, three whole years or something, so now it’s time to upgrade! Again! All kidding aside, not only does the PS4 start at a relatively reasonable $400, it boasts a custom processor with eight AMD Jaguar CPU cores, a next-gen Radeon GPU, and a 500 GB hard drive. What does that mean? A whole lot of “HOLY CRAP DID YOU SEE THAT?”

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