2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Gifts for Her

Avoid buying her something that will land you in the doghouse this holiday season by opting for one of these female-approved gift ideas.

By Robin Hilmantel

Google NexusFor your girlfriend of more than a year …
Nexus 7 ($229-$349)

Way cheaper than an iPad, but with more functionality than anyone who’s not a super tech nerd will ever need: She can read books, watch videos, answer emails, and download apps whenever, wherever. Plus, it’s like a present for you, too: Because instead of using the TV to watch Scandal on Thursday nights, she can now watch on her tablet … which leaves the screen conveniently available for you to watch Thursday night football games instead.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For HerFor your girlfriend or wife of more than two years …
Adriana Orsini Pavé Crystal Bracelet ($230)
Because you know she’s expecting jewelry at this point. Every woman has a slightly different style, but because this is a chic twist on a classic (the tennis bracelet), it’s a pretty safe bet for almost every woman.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For HerFor the wife or long-term girlfriend you’ve already given tons of jewelry…
Kate Spade Saturday Custom Weekender Bag ($220-$230)
Because you can’t (and probably would prefer not to) give her new shiny stuff every year, opt for this gift, along with the news that you’ve booked a romantic weekend getaway for the two of you — so she’ll get to use it right away. With this bag, you choose the color/print for the body and handle cover, the base, the front and back pockets, and the straps — and you can also choose to add a monogram if you’re so inclined. Since you personalize it, you automatically get credit for giving her something personal. Take a look in her closet if you need help picking out her favorite colors or patterns (and if you’re still stumped, ask her sister or close friend for help).

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: For Her
For the wife or long-term girlfriend you’ve been with for so long, you’re really out of ideas for gifts…
Thomas Keller Black Truffle Risotto Gift Set ($500)
For a truly unique present, order this gift set so you can make your better half the same black truffle risotto dish that’s served at both Per Se (in New York City) and French Laundry (in Yountville, California) when black truffles are in season. The kit comes with a recipe card, a black truffle from Provence, a wooden truffle shaver, medium-grained rice from northern Italy, white truffle extra virgin olive oil, whipped heavy cream made on a farm in upstate New York, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and Per Se’s chicken stock. It’s basically the next best thing to getting her reservations at one of Thomas Keller’s restaurants.

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