2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoor Gear

Sleep under the stars in a five-star tent and live to tell about your encounters with lions, tiger, bears, and Rancors with an all-in-one survival pack.

By Stan Horaczek

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoor GearAntler & Co Campfire Cologne ($13)
Cologne makes you smell good, but there are few scents quite as burly as a camp fire. This “Campfire Cologne” is actually a small box of hardwood sticks you can light on fire, letting the sweet aroma of charred wood waft onto your clothing. It takes a little more work than dousing yourself with body spray, but it’s worth it to give the ladies the impression you spent your whole day fighting bears.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoor GearENO DoubleNest Hammock
Sleeping bags are great, but they leave you on the ground where roots can poke you and bugs get easy access to your delicious skin. The ENO DoubleNes Hammock packs down to about the size of a grapefruit, but has enough room for two people weighting up to a combined 400-pounds.

It has marine-grade lines with metal snaps to attach to trees, poles, or whatever else you can find around the camp-site. Plus, when you’re not camping, you can use it to store your Beanie Baby collection.

2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Outdoor GearSurvive Outdoors Longer Origin
As the name of the company suggests, this pocket-sized survival kit is all business. The ABS-plastic waterproof case contains a surprising number of essential tools. There’s a Tinder-Quick fire starter kit, some braided nylon cord, stainless steel wire, and a fishing kit. There’s also a folding knife with an integrated rescue whistle and flashlight. The best part is that there’s a little book that includes 60 common survival tactics in case you spent your days in the Boy Scouts thinking more about the Girls Scouts than earning your knot-tying badge.

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