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2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Your Home

It’s always the season to make upgrades to your home. But the holidays supply an excuse for them to happen on someone else’s dime.

By Alexandra Foster

Restoration Hardware Vintage Speaker ($149-$349)
Channel your inner Winston Churchill by hosting your own firesides in front of this retro-inspired speaker, available in two sizes. Wireless technology allows you to stream MP3s with full, modern clarity — whether you’re playing Duke Ellington or jamming to Daft Punk.

Roolen Breath Humidifier ($130)
Problem: winter will turn your soft, oft-complimented skin as dry as the Sahara. Solution: stop the shame of rough skin with the world’s first intelligent humidifier, available in white or black and designed to resemble a discreet porcelain objet d’art (look it up). Breath is also the most efficient and eco-friendly model on the market, which always scores big with the ladies.