2013 Holiday Gift Guide: Your Home

It’s always the season to make upgrades to your home. But the holidays supply an excuse for them to happen on someone else’s dime.

By Lauren Finney

Personalized Whiskey Barrel ($75-$200)
This customizable barrel not only looks sweet on your countertop (or marble bar top in your fantasy man cave), but actually manages to age spirits ten times faster than its large batch, professional counterparts. Bonus: enjoy your whiskey straight from the tap once it ages to its peak — no funnel needed.

Seletti Rock Me Grey Yellow Chair ($460)
I know it’s hard to imagine, but it may be time to upgrade your faithful La-Z-Boy to this 21st century model from Seletti. Made in Milan, this rocker will add a hint of comfort, style, and Italian sexiness to any living room. Rock me mama, indeed.

Custom State Key Hook ($34)
Is there anything finer than an artisan, hand-crafted wood piece? (The correct answer is no.) These custom wall hooks made in Pennsylvania are a great way to honor the old-fashioned art of woodworking — and whether your pride is in Texas, California, or Florida, this Etsy shop can help bring a little bit of your home state into your home.

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