2015 Holiday Gift Guide: Fitness and Rec. Sports

nike thermal jacket copy

Nike Therma-Sphere Max ($189 @ nike.com)
Designed for a superior training experience in all weather conditions, this jacket features patented stretch fabric to keep wearers dry and warm. Its zippered pockets and storage pouch with a hole for a headphone cord make it simple to use media devices while exercising.

blast motion

Blast Golf Replay ($150 @ blastmotion.com)
Use technology to fix your clunky putting or swing and improve your game. How? With sensors, an iPhone or iPad, and a companion app you’re able to capture HD video for review, as well as study metrics such as backswing time, swing speed, power index, and more. And when you start blasting balls farther than Happy Gilmore, you can easily share your triumphs via social. Oh, and if you think it’s going to be a mess trying to figure this thing out, it’s not. The Blast Motion website has plenty of video tutorials to walk you through (but we doubt you’ll need ’em.)

Zero Friction golf tees

Zero Friction Tour 3-Prong Golf Tees ($7 @ zerofriction.com)
The unique three-prong design of this golf tee helps improve the distance of your shots as well as their accuracy. This is the tee that is popular on the PGA Tour with today’s leading golfers.
zero friction gloves copy

Cabretta Golf Gloves ($20 @ zerofriction.com)
These one-size-fits-all gloves use compression-fit technology for the perfect fit and a tighter grip on every golf club. Weather-resistant, flexible construction keeps gloves performing well under many conditions so that golfers can improve the distance and accuracy of their shots.

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