4 Masks That Are Creepier Than LeBron’s

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masks creepier than lebrons #3. THE KING The marketing campaign was a total bust for Burger King. We don't understand why. How does an awkward stare from a guy with a giant melon and royal garb not make you want to consume grease at a fast-food joint? In 2011, after their sales dropped three percent, BK ousted the King.   surgical masks #4. SURGICAL MASK If you have a respiratory issue, we get it. If you're a wannabe surgeon, we'll give you a pass there since we all have hopes and dreams. But if you're wearing one for another reason please tell us. Because we start thinking that the person wearing it was let in on secret about the air quality. And since we breathe air — what, you don't? — it makes us want to shake them down and go all Jack Bauer until they tell us what they know. Another possible reason they wear it? They're totally cool with walking around looking like a complete asshole.