4 Things You Never Knew About Online Dating

From the top spots for singles to the importance of grammar — hint: it’s super important — if you’re dating online this is info you’ll want to know.

By Katrina Foss

Things You Never Knew About Online Dating

According to figures from the U.S. Census, 44 percent of adult Americans are single. That means if you’re sitting around complaining you can’t find a date, odds are someone within an earshot is doing the same thing. And attitude toward dating online have changed in the past nine years. According to data from Pew Research, 59 percent of internet users consider online dating “a good way to meet people.” That’s a 15-point jump since 2005.

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Some poor bastard sifted through 500,000 OKCupid first contact messages for phrases and keywords to see how they affected reply rates. The big takeaway: webspeak doesn’t work. That means forget using u, ur, wat, wont, ty, and the like. Avoid comments on physical traits, too. Use specific about your likes and interests, and for your greeting, get more creative than “hi,” “hey,” or “hello.”

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