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5 Awesome Watches Under $300

Seriously affordable “serious” watches, allowing you to upgrade your office game without dropping more than three hundo.

By Patrick Kansa

5 Awesome Men's Watches Under $300

So far, we’ve taken a look at the sort of watches that are available to you in the under-$100 and under-$200 price points. While they both have competent and stylish options available, you definitely see more flexibility in what’s available to you as the price range increases. Sure, you could take this as some “money is no object” conclusion, but that’s not what we’re here to cover. When it comes to affordable watches, I think that $300 is a sort of sweet spot for someone looking to get a “serious” watch, and the five we’ve selected here highlight that.


best watches for men $300 orient

Following up with our sub-$200 Orient recommendation, we’ve got another Orient, the Bambino — one of Orient’s most popular models, for good reason. This one goes full-on retro, courtesy of its domed crystal, with the effect further enhanced by the dauphine hands and stylized indices. The white-dialed version on a brown strap is perfect for the office, or you could opt for the black/black combination for a dress piece, all with a neo-retro flair.


for men best watches $300 modaine

#2. MONDAINE BIG SIZE DAY/DATE WATCH ($180 @ Amazon.com)
Of course, if vintage watch looks aren’t quite your thing, perhaps you’d prefer something a bit more iconic. If that’s you, then the Mondaine Big Day/Date Mesh is a great option. This one takes it’s styling from the clocks made famous on the Swiss Rail lines, adding in a large date display and pairing things to a mesh bracelet (which, if you’ve not experienced, are quite comfortable). For fans of the rails, or clean, bold style, this Mondaine is a great choice.

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