5 Awesome Wristwatches
Under $100

Awesome watches for an even, uh, awesomer price. These five timepieces will all run you under a c-note.

By Patrick Kansa

CASIO F91W-1 great watches under $100#3. Casio Digital F91W-1 ($12 @ Amazon.com)
Yeah, the design is straight out of the 1980s, but it’s got it where it counts. This little beauty packs in the normal date and time stuff, plus a chronograph, alarm and hourly chime, and a backlight – all for that surprisingly low price. This is the perfect watch for someone looking for something to stand up to some abuse when they head outdoors – and not be too heartbroken when it falls prey to too many dings and scratches.

great watches under $100 swiss#4. Swatch New Gent (70 @ Amazon.com)
I promised you a Swiss watch, and that’s what we’ve got to wrap things up, in the form of the Swatch New Gent series. These are simple, affordable three-handers that come in a variety of color schemes, with one sure to be to your tastes. In some ways, it’s a sort of Swiss counterpart to the Timex Weekender. Here, however, you’ve got a two-piece plastic strap, so changeups aren’t as easy to come by. That said, their standard combinations are spot-on, so strap changes probably won’t be part of the consideration.

fossil watch #5. Fossil Grant Brown Leather Watch ($97 @ Amazon.com)
The vintage-inspired watch features a quartz movement and stainless steel case. It also has a classy vintage style without looking too hard like it’s trying to be classy and vintage. Water resistant up to 165 feet, you can swim or shower with it on without worry.


Patrick Kansa is a contributing editor to aBlogtoWatch.com.

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