5 Awesome Wristwatches
Under $100

Awesome watches for an even, uh, awesomer price. These five timepieces will all run you under a c-note.

By Patrick Kansa

CASIO F91W-1 great watches under $100CASIO DIGITAL F91W-1 ($20)
Yeah, the design is straight out of the 1980s, but it’s got it where it counts. This little beauty packs in the normal date and time stuff, plus a chronograph, alarm and hourly chime, and a backlight – all for that surprisingly low price. This is the perfect watch for someone looking for something to stand up to some abuse when they head outdoors – and not be too heartbroken when it falls prey to too many dings and scratches.

great watches under $100 voidVIOD SOND ($95)
If you prefer your digital watches to have a bit more style and flash, then perhaps the Void Sond is up your alley. Yes, you give up a lot of functionality from the Casio (here you just have date, time, and a backlight), but you’re getting a case that no other digital watch can lay claim too. Much like the Timex Weekender, it also relies on a one-piece nylon strap that Void encourages you to chop down to size. Or, if you prefer, pick up a couple, and then you can mix-and-match the strap and strap keepers to get your own personal color scheme.

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