16 Cool and Stylish Men’s Watches For Under $100

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CASIO F91W-1 great watches under $100 #7. Casio Digital F91W-1 ($12 @ Amazon.com)

Yeah, the design is straight out of the 1980s, but it's got it where it counts. This little beauty packs in the normal date and time stuff, plus a chronograph, alarm and hourly chime, and a backlight - all for that surprisingly low price. This is the perfect watch for someone looking for something to stand up to some abuse when they head outdoors - and not be too heartbroken when it falls prey to too many dings and scratches. Another Casio option:    

best mens watch under 100#8. Casio G-Shock Sport Watch ($63 @ Amazon.com)

It has an extra large face that displays the time both analog and digital, and comes with a rugged design if you have a second job as a masked crime fighter. You also get a countdown timer, stopwatch, and provides 29 time zones. Lastly, it's water resistance up to 660 feet.          

great watches under $100 swiss#9. Swatch New Gent (70 @ Amazon.com)

These are simple, affordable three-handers that come in a variety of color schemes, with one sure to be to your tastes. In some ways, it's a sort of Swiss counterpart to the Timex Weekender. Here, however, you've got a two-piece plastic strap, so changeups aren't as easy to come by. That said, their standard combinations are spot-on, so strap changes probably won't be part of the consideration.