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5 Cool Scooters (That’s Right,
We Said Cool)

Think scooters are lame? Well, we found one that outperforms plenty of motorcycles, one that’s a proven chick magnet, and one that gets 132 mpg.


ModernMan.com Scooters

There are some huge benefits to owning a scooter. For starters, they’re relatively inexpensive to buy, insure, and repair. They also get great gas mileage (read on to learn about one that gets more than 100 mpg.) And they’re about as easy to park as a bicycle.

Thing is, scooters get a bad rap in America because they’re not traditionally seen as manly modes of transportation. That may have been the case years ago when people equated scooters with the kinds of goofy mopeds — mopeds and scooters are different, though technically they’re both motorcycles — that had pedals. Today, however, there are some pretty cool, useful, and even fun-to-drive scooters on the market.


ModernMan.com Scooters

BMW C600 Sport | $10,000 est.
BMW’s first scooter was discontinued in 2002, when the company quit making its awkward-to-drive C1 model (it wasn’t sold in the States). BMW’s 2012 reboot, however, rights its older brother’s wrongs with a sleek-and-sporty look, sharp handling, antilock breaks, and a top speed of 109 mph. Fuel economy hovers around 40 or 50 mpg — not amazing, but better than most cars and about what you’d get from a medium-sized motorcycle. But if you’re forking over that much loot for a scooter, you’re probably more concerned with performance than fuel economy.