5 Cool Scooters (That’s Right, We Said Cool)

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 cool scooters for men There are some huge benefits to owning a scooter. For starters, compared to owning a car, they're relatively inexpensive to buy, insure, and repair. They also get great gas mileage and are about as easy to park as a bicycle, which can be a huge time-saver if you live in a densely populated city. So what's the problem? Scooters have gotten a bad rap in America because they're not traditionally seen as "manly" modes of transportation. If you picture the scene from Dumb & Dumber when Harry and Lloyd scoot around Aspen, you get what we're talking about. But while that may have been the case years ago when people equated scooters with the kinds of goofy mopeds — mopeds and scooters are different, though technically they're both motorcycles — that had pedals. Today, however, there are some pretty cool scooters. Seriously. More than that, the scooter can be useful and even fun-to-drive. We've chosen five good options for guys who are considering a scooter.

Cool Scooters For Guys

    Honda Ruckus 5 Cool Scooters

1) Honda Ruckus

At 50cc, expect to travel at speeds of 35+ mph, which can still leave you a splattered mess along the pavement or someone else's windshield if you're not properly geared up. (Did you hear your mom's voice when you read the last part of that line?) The Ruckus is perfect for nimble, city riding with a low curb weight of 194 pounds. This means some of you will have to scale back the beers, which is a clear strike against the Rukus. The 2016 model comes in red and white, or black. With an MSRP of $2,649, you can't go wrong with the reliability of a Honda. Performance aside, it looks pretty cool, too. Should that matter? Nah. Does it? Absolutely. Next: Piaggio Fly 150