5 Lesser-Known Ways Mother Nature Gets You High

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natural ways to get high

People have been looking for new ways to get high since … well, forever. For example, South American tribes were snorting a hallucinogenic substance called Cohoba way before Christopher Columbus showed up in the New World. And since Internet connections were really spotty back then — and few dealers had beepers — people had to find the highs all by themselves. So they naturally turned to nature.

Today we’re well aware that plants like cannabis, coca, and peyote eff you up. But over the centuries, indigenous peoples found several other plants and animals that got them totally baked/tweaked/goofy. And they’re still being used today.

How Nature Can Get You High


natural ways to get high YarsagumbaYARSAGUMBA

You’d better be careful who you do Yarsagumba with — there’s a high probability you’ll be having sex with them. Also known as Himalayan Viagra, Yarsagumba is a rare fungus that overtakes and mummifies the body of a caterpillar. Found only in Tibet, Nepal, China, Bhutan and Northeast India, it’s been used traditionally as medicine. What would a guy like you use it for? Most likely to get a massive boner. Along with treating impotence, Native Nepalese peeps claim it can also make a person feel euphoric. Websites to claim to have Yarsagumba for sale online might be a little sketchy to believe; a cultivated version made in some dude’s basement might produce significantly milder effects compared to the OG stuff. Plus the fact that it’s made in some weirdos basement.


natural ways to get high AYAHUASCAAYAHUASCA

Pronounced “aja ‘waska,” the hallucinogenic tea created from the ayahuasca vine and a few companion plants found in the Amazon basin contain DMT (dimethyltryptamine), which can produce hallucinations for up to four hours, during which you’ll allegedly communicate with spirits and look into and enlighten your soul. Amazonian shamans also claim it can also cure illnesses. The law regarding Ayahuasca use is complicated, but you can purchase all the ingredients on the Web. Once you’ve made the brew though, the DMT extract is illegal.