5 Myths About Your Penis

You may think you know your penis like the palm of your hand, but you probably believe at least one of these myths about it.

By Michael Irons

Gay or straight, old or young, men are preoccupied with their penises. It’s easy to understand why, since they’re so critical for so many things … okay, two things, but they’re both really important things. As with anything people are obsessed with, there are lots of myths surrounding penises. Thing is, much like myths about things like hair loss, the common cold, and Justin Bieber, a lot of what’s said is false. (Though we’re pretty sure it’s true that Bieber wears a wig.) So these are 5 myths about your penis.

MYTH #1: Women care more about size than men
Guys get, ahem, hung up on penis size because they believe it’s an indicator of masculinity. But they also fear that the size of their junk will make woman laugh … or cry. But here’s the thing: While the British Journal of Urology found that 55 percent of men felt the size of their penis was inadequate, 85 percent of women said their partner’s size was satisfactory. So guys care way more about size than woman. Studies have also shown that women care more about girth than length. Why? Well, the first two or three inches of a vagina contains hundreds of super-sensitive nerve endings. So relax — as long as you’re not micropenised, you’re fine.

MYTH #2: Your boner has no bone in it
Uh, that’s actually true — there is not, in fact, a bone in your penis. But you can still break the thing like a bone. Allow us to explain! Let’s say your lady is on top during sex; she gets a little too enthusiastic, you slip out of her as she’s bouncing up, and she slams down on top of your penis on the way down. There’s a loud snap, which is the sound of membranes in the shaft tearing, and the blood that normally keeps you hard leaks out to the rest of your shaft. The result is a bruised, swollen, painful, and sickeningly bent penis. If that were to happen — and we shouldn’t have to tell you this — go the hospital immediately. Left untreated, a penile fracture can cause permanent erectile dysfunction, a boomerang-shaped dick, and pain during sex when you do manage to get it up.

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