5 Myths About Your Penis

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5 Myths About Your Penis no bone in boner MYTH #2: Your boner has no bone in it Uh, that's actually true — there is not, in fact, a bone in your penis. But you can still break the thing like a bone. Allow us to explain! Let's say your lady is on top during sex; she gets a little too enthusiastic, you slip out of her as she's bouncing up, and she slams down on top of your penis on the way down. There's a loud snap, which is the sound of membranes in the shaft tearing, and the blood that normally keeps you hard leaks out to the rest of your shaft. The result is a bruised, swollen, painful, and sickeningly bent penis. If that were to happen — and we shouldn't have to tell you this — go the hospital immediately. Left untreated, a penile fracture can cause permanent erectile dysfunction, a boomerang-shaped dick, and pain during sex when you do manage to get it up.
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