5 Myths About Your Penis

You may think you know your penis like the palm of your hand, but you probably believe at least one of these myths about it.

By Michael Irons

MYTH #3: Big feet, big penis
There is no scientific evidence to support that a dude’s junk is in any way connected to the size of his feet. But a 2011 study by South Korean researches found that a man’s fingers (not his hands) may be related to the size of his junk. After measuring 144 flaccid and “stretched” penises, researchers — who that year were shoo-ins for the “Worst Job in Korea” award — concluded that guys who have index and ring fingers that are close to the same size are more likely to have bigger dongs. 

MYTH #4: Erectile dysfunction happens to everyone
Impotence affects more than 18 million dudes in the U.S., so it’s not uncommon … but it doesn’t affect everyone. It’s one thing if you slug too much whiskey and can’t get it up one night — that does happen to pretty much everyone. (Except non-drinkers, but their lives are empty in so many other ways.) It’s full-blown ED if you fail to achieve an erection more than 20 percent of the time. And that can be caused by lots of stuff. In general, your penis is as healthy as the rest of you, so things like a lousy diet, drug abuse, smoking, lack of exercise, and the godd*mned diabetes can leave you limp. But more often than not, the causes are actually just psychological.

MYTH # 5: If you’re uncut, you’re in the minority
Yes, there are more circumcised dicks in the U.S. than there are uncircumcised. But worldwide, that’s not at all the case. Circumcision is still widely practiced in religious ceremonies, for cosmetic reasons, and because the World Health Organization says it lowers the risk of HIV infection in heterosexuals by 60 percent. The Center for Disease Control estimated in 2009 that 65 percent of newborns in the U.S. were circumcised. Outside of the country, however, only about 30 percent of males ages 15 have gone under the knife.

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