5 Myths About Getting Six-Pack Abs

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Pretty much 99 percent of dudes would want a set of six-pack abs. However, a far, far smaller percentage of guys actually does the work required to get them. Sadly, there are no shortcuts — like "7-Minute Abs," magic pills, or fat-zapping lap belts — that actually work. (Although you can get better looking abs in 30 days.) Instead, you need to adopt a low-calorie, high-protein diet. And keep up with a challenging workout regimen. And remember that these five abs myths are total bullshit. MYTH #1: ABS SHOULD BE DONE FIRST IN A WORKOUT ROUTINE If all you're doing is working your abs and then heading home, sure. Otherwise, an abs routine should be done after weight training. A strong core helps protect the spine. Doing abs first can leave the core fatigued and lead to a lower-back injury.