5 Of The Worst ‘Compliments’ You Can Give A Woman

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worst compliments to give a woman

#2. “My mom says you’re the best girlfriend I’ve brought home so far!”

Okay — we get that you’re trying to say your mom has given us the stamp of approval, but this sounds weird on a couple evels. First, it’s slightly disconcerting to know you and your mom are talking up how we compare to girlfriends past. (“Kate is certainly my favorite, but she doesn’t have Chrissy’s rack.” Seriously, did this conversation happen or not?) Second, the so far makes it sound like you’ve always got a bag packed, anticipating the day you’ll bust your ass catcalling around town till you find mommy’s new favorite. In general? Avoid comparisons.

SAY THIS INSTEAD: "My mom loved you."

We’re always worried about what your parents think of us, so knowing we have the seal of approval is great. But the info should stop here.