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5 Reasons Why You Should Date a Cat Lady

We asked a cat lady to tell us why cat ladies make great girlfriends — and shockingly, she did it without making a single pussy joke.

By Alexandra Foster

Why You Should Date a Cat Lady

Oh, so a woman you just went out with for the first time has a cat? Bummer, bro! That means she’s a virtual shut-in who enjoys the company of animals more than the company of people. And that she’s super uptight and emotionally needy. Also, her entire house no doubt smells vaguely tuna-esque. Right?

WRONG. (Well, except for the tuna smell, that’s kind of true.) In reality, I’ll bet she’s pretty awesome. Here’s why:

Pet personality researchers — believe it or not, they exist — have found that cat owners tend to be, among other desirable things, straightforward and trusting. It makes sense: If a cat is hungry, he waits by his food dish; if he’s pissed, he lunges. No bitching, sulking, or mind games, which is a perfect match for his owner’s no-nonsense disposition. So if you want a tease, hit up the dog park. If you want a woman who won’t leave you guessing, hang out in the sticks-with-sparkly-feathers-tied-to-them aisle at PetSmart.

Don’t like to talk, hear, or think about feelings? You’re off the hook! (Okay, not really, but stay with me.) A girl and her kitteh have a deep emotional bond; their days are filled with hours of snuggles and whispers and smooches. Trust me, it can get pretty intense. Those pet personality researchers have described cat owners as “obliging, modest, and good sports.” In other words, fairly laid back. So even a relatively emotionally, uh, demanding woman won’t need constant reassurance and nonstop comforting, because she’ll get some of that from her cat.

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