5 Things All Guys Should Know About Male Fertility

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peewee #3. RIDING A BIKE WON'T KILL YOUR SPERM It might not affect you in the way you originally thought, but there’s another reason to consider a padded seat the next time you want to go all Lance Armstrong (you know, before he was a lying prick asshole). “A bike seat can push on the perineum and cause nerve damage, which may affect sensitivity in the area,” says Dr. Danoff. In other words, if you want to actually feel what’s happening in bed, be gentle with your boys on the bike. masturbation hair gel #4. WILL RUBBING ONE OUT DECREASE FERTILITY? If you’re trying to get someone pregnant, you should refrain from pleasuring yourself for a day or two before the main event, says Dr. Danoff. Letting your sperm build up — then releasing your best shot in full force when it counts — will increase the likelihood of conception.