5 Ways To Get Her To Chat With
You On Tinder

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Ways To Make Her Want To Chat With You On Tinder Dog #2. "I like your dog." I’m an animal lover. An guess what? So are lots and lots of other women. So if we have a furry friend in one of our photos, that means that pet is pretty important to us. When you compliment how "hot we look" in a certain dress we'll think you’re an opportunistic creeper. Compliment our pet, and we see you as someone we’d seriously like to get to know better. Also: 9 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Dog #3. "What are you watching while you wait for the next season of 'True Detective'?" You know those sentences below our photos that you likely don’t bother reading? They contain key info about who we are, what we like, and what we’re looking for. Use it to your advantage. When a dude mentions something on my profile it proves he’s actually messaging me personally and not a million other girls at the same time with the same line.