5 Ways To Score A Second Date

How does a woman decide if she wants a second date? By mercilessly analyzing your behavior on a first date.

By Chloe Anderson

HT Score A Second Date

According to scientists, men know whether or not a woman has longterm potential within a few minutes of meeting her. When I first heard that, I felt a lot of pressure to perform on first dates. But then I realized it’s not the woman who needs to come off well in that situation — it’s the guy. After all, if you think she’s awesome, you need to make sure you can show her you’re awesome enough to go out with again. And while I can’t make you dress wellsmell better, or work out more often, I can tell you how to behave on a first date so that you score a second date.

Also: Up Your Odds At Getting A First Date

Women enjoy talking — studies have shown we tend to communicate verbally more often than dudes — so ask her questions about where she grew up, what her job is like, what sorts of hobbies she has, and what her favorite My Little Pony was. Women often naturally take on the role of an interviewer on dates, so you needn’t worry about it becoming a one-sided conversation; she’ll still ask you about how you got that cool scar on your chin. And then you can tell her all about the time you faced down a lion with nothing but a whip on a circus train hurtling through the desert when you were a teenager.

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Seedorf Appiah Ofosu (Wed, 23 May 2012 22:03:06 +0000): damn.....
Modernpickup.net - Damien Herst (Tue, 24 Jun 2014 21:54:06 +0000): Some of these I agree with. Others I don't. They left out things such as body language, where you take her (it doesn't have to be dinner or drinks), what day you take her out, etc. Another thing to consider is what the guy is wearing on the first date. The big thing is body language. Make sure you're leaning back so it doesn't come across as needy. And while the article says go for the kiss, I actually recommend that guys DON'T go for the kiss on the first date. Now that doesn't mean you're not physically escalating, but you're not going for the kill at the end either. I can't tell you how many women tell me how weird it is for guys to go from 0 to 60 in 0.2 seconds. It surprises them (and not in a good way). Save it for the second date.


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