5 Ways To Score A Second Date

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5 Ways To Score A Second Date Pick Up Tab


I know that going Dutch makes sense — the economy stinks, she has a job just like you, you may not even know each other all that well — but if you don't at least make a sincere offer to pick up the tab, you very well may not get a second date. (Hey, we push 8 lb. mini humans out of our vaginas; the least you can do is pay for some chicken and a couple glasses of wine.) When the bill comes, reach for it immediately and slide it toward you. If she offers to split it, politely but adamantly decline — or suavely suggest that she buy you an after-dinner drink instead. However, if she nearly has an aneurism insisting over and over again that you split it, just let her; no one wants to have a screaming match over who's paying, and besides, there's a good chance she's so insistent because she knows she doesn't want a second date.