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5 Weight Loss Myths You Probably Believe

Losing weight quickly is bad, right? Not necessarily. And if you believed that, you probably believe a few more of these weight-loss myths.

By Jonathan Hackman

5 Weight-Loss Myths You Probably Believe portions

Wait, the government bends the truth? Nice try. That’d never happ — okay, we believe it.

“If you follow what the government suggests you’re guaranteed to have a weight problem,” she warns. “Plus, serving size and portion are not the same things.”

Turns out, serving sizes are universal. Which, now that we think about it, makes absolutely no sense at all.

“Anyone can figure out that a 6′ male needs more food than a 5’5″ male. So guess what happens? The guy who’s 5’5″ gains weight. So if your not losing weight, the serving sizes you’re consuming might be to blame — even if your weighing your food. Try eating half as much and you’ll lose weight faster due to the calorie correction.”

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