6 Hangover Cures Guys Should Know

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#2. EAT EGGS If you’ve ever wondered why eating a bacon, egg, and cheese sandwich makes you feel better when you’re hungover, we have the answer — it’s the egg. (And the deliciousness.) Eggs contain an amino acid called cysteine, which helps break down acetaldehyde, which is a nasty byproduct of your body trying to process all the booze. (Don’t be all healthy and order egg whites; cysteine is in the yolks.) And for people who swear that consuming a greasy breakfast helps "soak up" the booze in your gut, it doesn't. There's no scientific evidence to back that up.   #3. GO BACK TO BED If it’s not a workday, the morning of your graduation, or the dawn of the apocalypse, try hitting the snooze button a few dozen times. A study in the journal Alcohol & Alcoholism showed that symptoms like headaches the day after excessive drinking are actually related to the fact that you didn’t get enough sleep.