How To Stop Biting Your Nails

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How To Stop Biting Your Nails Your fingernails are nearly twice as dirty as your fingers. And your keyboard has more germs festering on it than your toilet. So if you typed our URL into the address bar and then bit your nails while waiting for the site to load, man is your mouth totally gross. Also: How To Stop Getting Old Biting your nails — or onychophagia — not only transfers a sh*tload of bacteria, fungus, and other microorganisms from your fingers to your mouth, it can also wear down your teeth, contribute to skin and cuticle infections, and increase your risk of getting sick. Plus, it's super unattractive. So if you don't have the sheer willpower to quit gnawing on your nails, we hope these techniques help you stop. And if they don't work, please stay far, far away from us. We're all germaphobes here.
malva stop biting nails1. APPLY PRODUCTS Mavala Stop ($14 @ and Control It! ($22 for a 2-pack @ are two products that'll help. Control It! is an odorless, colorless all-natural cream that you apply to your nails. Mavala Stop is a liquid you paint onto your nails. Both taste bitter and will give you an unpleasant reminder that you're a very bad boy each time you go in for a chew.