7 Myths About Losing Your Hair

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myths about hair loss baldingAll guys fear losing their hair. And because of that fear, they tend to do two things: spend a ton of money on hair loss prevention or regrowth methods — $1 billion per year, according to US News & World Report — and believe just about everything they hear about going bald.

You see, when you’re scared, you’re more likely to believe off-the-wall theories. (“So I just plaster this highly-acidic cream on my scalp, do a headstand for six hours, and I’ll have all of my hair again? Sounds easy enough!”)

Thing is, a lot of what we think we know about androgenic alopecia (the fancy term for hair loss) turn out to be total myths. We’ve listed seven of the most popular things you’ve most likely heard — and probably believed — about going bald, but simply aren’t true.

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