6 Myths About Your Teeth

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ModernMan.com Teeth MYTH #3: ROOT CANALS ARE THE MOST PAINFUL THING EVER You've no doubt heard someone begin a statement about something horrible they don't want to do by saying, "I'd rather get a root canal than …"  And while root canals aren't fun, they're not the hideous process they were before modern dentistry removed some of the pain. So don't sweat it — your dentist won't come at you with any frightening-looking old-timey surgical tools, and your root canal probably won't be any more painful than getting a normal filling. MYTH #4: REGULAR BRUSHING GIVES YOU GOOD BREATH It certainly helps, but brushing your teeth gets rid of only 70 percent of the odor-causing bacteria in your mouth. Where's the rest of the bacteria hiding? Some are chillaxing on your tongue — so you should brush your tongue too — while others are wedged between your teeth. (In other words, you need to floss.) But your breath also depends upon your diet and lifestyle; if you smoke cigarettes, drink lots of coffee, or mainline garlic, you're pretty much dooming yourself to less-than-great breath.