6 Super Bowl Halftime Fails and Flubs

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6 Super Bowl Halftime Fails and Flubs While most of us are busy mixing cocktails or standing in line at a sports bar taking a leak during the break, lots of people watch the Super Bowl halftime show, refusing to believe it's as overhyped as the commercials. Some weirdos — :: shudder:: — even watch the games specifically for the halftime show. Crazy, right? Also: Photos: 10 edible football stadiums Sure, some of the acts like The Who and Bruce Springsteen were cool, but you know when the halftime show is at its best? When there's a screw up or it's a dud. Like these …   #1. Bruce Springsteen (2009) At 60 years old, Bruce Springsteen had 15 minutes to showcase that Mick Jagger wasn't the only bag of bones who could still rock without cracking a hip. He even managed to recover from taking a camera to the nuts without a hitch. That's a pro, folks.