6 Tips For Dating A Wealthy Woman

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6 Tips For Dating a Woman Who Makes More Money Than You Be Cool DON'T OBSESS OVER THE INCOME GAP “She may not be thinking about it, but if you keep bringing it up, she’ll start to think about it,” Dr. Ramani says. So after you initially bring up that you need to be careful of your spending, drop it. There's a difference between being a cheapskate and a responsible guy who'll do what's necessary to avoid soul-sucking debt. Also: 5 Things You Should (And Shouldn't) Say To Her In Bed Plus, your bank account doesn't determine how funny, kind, or interesting you are. Use those things to your advantage. If she's unwilling to accept or understand your financial situation (meaning, if she keep prompting you to do things you can't afford) you're simply not a match. And that's okay. So if that's the case, feel good about taking your upbeat personality and measly paycheck elsewhere.