6 Tips For Winning At Foosball

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6 Tips For Winning At Foosballball

The origins of foosball trace back to ancient times. Well, actually 1921, when it was invented soccer fan Harold Thornton, who mapped out the details using a box of matches. Since then, foosball has become a staple in everything from sports bars to man caves. Here’s a quick guide to running up the score on your bros…

Take Angled Shots
Basically, rather than smashing the ball head on, use the corner of the player’s feet to ricochet angled passes and shots on goal. These shots are more difficult for goalies to stop, and can also be set up in combination, even using the wall to bank the ball.

Don’t Leave Your Goalie Alone
Instead, always angle your goalie and at least one defender in the position to block a shot. Creating this extra barrier between the ball and your goal will reduce your humiliation, and by statistically eliminating those embarrassing goalie-to-goal, across the table scores.