7 Golf Swing Tweaks That’ll Improve Your Stroke

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Golf Swing Tip #2: Don't Keep Your Head Down Not for too long, anyway. According to Russo, “One of the oldest golf ‘tips’ is also one of the worst pieces of advice for your game.” Even though it’s been taught for generations, the less-than-sage advice is often ignored by good players. “Good players never keep their heads down long,” he says. “In fact, some of the best players of this generation — David Duval, Annika Sorenstam, Jim Furyk — aren’t even looking at the ball at impact.” Also: 7 Exercise And Fitness Myths You Probably Believe Instead of keeping your head down, focus more on maintaining your spine angle. “Many of the students I teach top the ball because they will throw the club head at the golf ball too early,” says Russo. “This causes their upper body to raise up through impact and strike the top or middle of the golf ball. Focus on leading into impact with your hands ahead of the club head, and keep the upper body down longer to strike the golf ball better.”
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