7 Ways To Turn Her Off To Sex

Things like keeping your floor clean and knowing the difference between playful teasing and ball-busting can help dictate whether she gets going or gets naked.

By Katrina Foss

We get it — you want to get laid. So do we. But what we don’t want is to feel like you’re with us for the sole purpose of slipping it in. Then we feel cheap and used and gross and ice cream and pouty phone calls.

Unless it’s a one-off statement that fits in with an activity we’re doing, leave the sex talk alone. And if you must bring it up, take this bit of advice: If she gets a look on her face as though you just sneezed green phlegm on her, don’t bring it up again that evening. Period. In fact, you might want to consider never brining it up again. Read: Warm up your hands and forearms, because you’ll be using them later.

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Or bedroom. Or kitchen. Or living room. You get the idea. If you live in a filth pit, women will think you’re a slob who can’t take care of himself or anyone else. I don’t sleep with slobs for two reasons — I hate bedbugs and STDs. And it’s not like I’m going to inspect your apartment with UV inspection lamp, but if the trash is overflowing or your floor is sticky, I’m gone.

Keeping your apartment clear of clutter shouldn’t even be done to get laid. It should be done because you’re an educated and civilized goddamn adult male, not a jobless frat boy.

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