8 Camping Essentials For, Uh, Camping

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sleeping pad camping essentials for men #3. SLEEPING PAD Exped — SYNMAT 12 LXW ($200 @ Amazon.com) Providing for both comfort and warmth, the SynMat 12’s generous size allows you to spread your limbs and it’s thickness ensures that you won’t feel the cold, uneven ground beneath you. At a lightweight 3 lbs., this mat includes a Schnozzel Pumpbag for easy inflation and the slip proof surface will help keep your sleeping bag in place. This mat is so plush that it might end up in someone else’s tent when you’re not watching.

camping essentials for guys tent #4. SHELTER Coleman Montana 8 Tent ($30 @ Amazon.com) Fits up to eight people. Its modified dome structure is easy to put together and has an electrical access port for divas who can't stand to be away from their electronic devices for more than 5 minutes.