You’d Take At Least Half Of These 8 Movie Pills, Probably

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Unnamed Green & Yellow Pill | The Professional (1994) Gary Oldman’s corrupt, pill-popping DEA Agent Stansfield is a fan of snacking on these citrus-colored capsules before he does bad. So as you might imagine, he goes through quite a few. Doc Leavey Says: “The effects of this pill — which suggest that calm before the storm feeling — would most likely imply a quick tranquilizer, like Xanax or Ativan, which would exude a quick calming and euphoric effect upon the person taking it.” Miracle Max’s Chocolate Coated Pill | The Princess Bride (1987) When the hero of the story, Westley, is thisclose to death after being tortured, Andre the Giant and Mandy Patinkin take him to a forest-dwelling miracle man for treatment. You know, in the form of a life-giving lozenge. Casual. Also: Our favorite giants (Yes, Andre made the list). Doc Leavey Says: “The key here is 'mostly dead.' The victim is first ventilated with bellows to put air in his lungs, and then the pill is administered. It’s akin to some kind of quick stimulant, like that shot of epinephrine in the Emergency Room they give before the shock, but this one just happens to be magically given through a pill.”