10 Fake Bands We Wish Were Real

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Seeing Jesse and The Rippers rock a medley of their greatest hits on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon — which included a cover of the Full House theme — made us tear up and long for the days when the Olsen twins weren't yet skeletal weirdos and Bob Saget was still widely considered a wholesome comedian. Also: 8 Amazing Real-Life Prison Escapes It also made us ponder which fake bands from movies and TV we'd like to see reunite and play a set. There were plenty to choose from, so if you think we missed any, let us know in the comments. THE ZACK ATTACK | SAVED BY THE BELL Bayside High School heartthrob Zack Morris fronted this pop ensemble that, after a rough breakup because of Morris' budding solo career, reunited with the smash hit "Friends Forever." (We know the band was technically doubly fake since it was part of a dream inside of a fictional TV show, but we're making the rules here.) Make no mistake — The Zack Attack's music totally blew, but if they reunited, the show would be packed with the former 13-year-old girls who fawned over Morris and drummer A.C. Slater back in the day, and who are now adult women. In other words, the show might be a good place to pick up chicks.   Next: The Pinheads