Giveaway: 6 Passes To X-Men: Days of Future Past

We’re giving away 6 passes to the new X-Men movie along with a trove of grooming products so you won’t look or smell like Beast.

By ModernMan Editors

xmen giveaway axe

Win this giveaway and you’ll look and smell SUPER amazing! And yes, we know that dumbass puns are SUPER lame. Anyway, the dudes from AXE teamed up some folks promoting a little indie films called X-Men: Days of Future Past — maybe you’ve heard of it? — and they’re allowing us to give three of you luck ducks a sweet gift pack that includes:


• 2 free passes to see  X-Men: Days of Future Past poster courtesy of AXE
• Limited-edition X-Men: Days of Future Past poster
• AXE body spray
• AXE shower gel
• AXE antiperspirant
• 1 lock of Professor X’s hair*

*If you don’t get the joke, shame on you.


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