The Best Barbers in Chicago

best barbers chicago Whether you're in Chicago for business or to rub your hands on the Michael Jordan statue outside of the United Center, if you need to get your hair snipped these are the places to look to first … To make the last point work, we provide you with a list of best barber shops in Chicago. Whether you just want to trim your sideburns or go for a bold mohawk, these the guys will do the job. Pete’s Barber Shop 2873 N Elston Ave Chicago IL 60618 What makes this place one of the best barber shops in Chicago is unique laidback atmosphere; you can play Xbox while waiting your turn, or have a beer or coffee. No appointment needed — or accepted, Pete's is a cash-only barber shop that will run you about $25 or $10 for beard trimming; $30 for straight razor shaves. Joe’s Barber Shop 2641 W Fullertone Avenue Chicago, IL 60647 Joe’s Barber Shop was founded in 1968, maintaining high barber shop standards ever since. It's even been voted “Best Barber Shop” by Chicago Readers in previous six years. Recently renovated, this place offers complimentary coffee and alcohol beverages (including red wine personally made by Joe Caccavella Sr). Prices: a haircut is $25, and a shave is $40. From May to September, don’t miss one of Hangover Shave Parties (last Sunday of the month). Chicago’s Best Barber Shop Logan Square 2318 N California Ave Chicago, IL It's more for those looking to create art with their hair. Razor artisans can carve precise graphics or mohawks into your head, but they will give you a regular haircut for about $15 — although they probably won't enjoy it as much. The atmosphere is relaxed, the tunes are good, and there's a pool table to keep you busy while your wait. Hit them up on Facebook if you want more info — they don't have a website. Handcrafted Barber Shop 1215 W Grand Ave Chicago, IL, 60642 Opened in 2014, it's a hip place that won't run up your tab. Snips and cuts cost $21 and you can grab a shave for $34 for shave (or $15 for beard trimming). Cash only. Irving Park Barbershop 1921 W Irving Park Rd Chicago, IL 60613 It has an old-school feel that has attracted plenty of customers. They have three master barbers, a shoe shine boy, and shop dog, Bob. No appointments means wait time can vary wildly. Cash only. Prices start from $12 for buzz and elevate to $45 for combo — hair and beard styling. Belmont Barbershop 2328 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL, 60618 It's a hybrid between your bedroom as a teenager and a cool gentlemen’s club. A clean cut will cost you $26 and you'll fork over $40 for a close shave; $21 for a beard trim. Unlike many other places in Chicago, you won’t have to wait — just make an online appointment.