6 Things To Do Before Changing Jobs

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should i change jobs #2. ASSESS YOUR VALUE You might hate your job, but don't automatically take the first offer that's lobbed at you if it's a lowball. Figure out what your skills are worth first so you have something to bargain with. Payscale.com is a good resource that can help you see how your skill-set and experience should be compensated. And glassdoor.com can give you insight into how a potential company is run. It'll give you a sense of what your should be paid, what you could be paid, and whether the company culture you might be stepping into will suit your personalty. Also: Here's the right way to write a resignation letter. #3. CONSIDER AN EMPLOYMENT AGENCY Finding a job can take up as much time as a full-time job. So if you're employed, consider an agency to do the heavy lifting for you. Just be sure you’re fully aware of the contract, which usually gives the agency a cut of your annual salary (sometimes as much as 30 percent), but is sometimes a set fee. The pros: it can open doors for you in new places and gives you an opportunity to test out whether you like the place before signing on full time.