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Career Advice From 10 Movie Bosses

There’s a little bit of good in everyone. Okay, we don’t really believe that nonsense, but these obnoxious movie bosses actually offer great career advice.

By Matt Christensen

Career Advice From Movie Bosses Police Academy

The story: Good-hearted, completely incompetent, super horny police recruits deal with the clueless eccentricity of their Commandant.

Rangel says: “Who wouldn’t want a boss like Commandant Lassard? He has shown that he can be easily stroked to get what you want. It doesn’t hurt to know how to play a good political game in the office.”


Career Advice From Movie Bosses Howard Stern

The story: Radio host Howard Stern butts heads with his epically douchey program manager at WNNNNNNBC!, and the only way Stern can beat him is to beat all of the other radio stations in the ratings.

Rangel says: “It’s painful to work for a corporate pawn, but it can be motivation to get the hell out and start your own business. Think about all the things he did wrong, then do the opposite when you’re in charge.”