The Casual Beer Drinker’s Casual Beer Guide

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LAGERS Bock While there are several kinds of bocks, a traditional bock beer tastes sweet, malty, and toasty. Maibock and helles bock arr lighter in color and taste hoppier. Doppelbocks are higher in alcohol content and quite sweet. Delicious example: Longshot Traditional Bock Dunkel Lager “Dunkel means dark in German, so these beers are dark in color,” Duran explains. Those Germans and their magitastical whimsy! Expect lots of malt, a full body, and moderate bitterness. Delicious example: Dunkel Lager by the Olde Mecklenberg Brewing Company Black Lager “It's easy to drink," Duran tells us. "You get a hint of burnt malt, caramel, or chocolate with a clean finish." Delicious example: Guinness Black Lager Pilsner These pale yellow to gold beers are often refreshing. though the taste can range from mild and crisp to bitter to earthy. Delicious example: Oskar Blues Mamas Little Yella Pils Oktoberfest Beer The beer must contain at least 6 percent alcohol to be served at the famous German beer fest. As with most things, Germans don’t joke around about getting drunk. “An Oktoberfest lager is brewed for the October season and it comes out between August and September," Duran says. Delicious example: Ayinger Oktoberfest